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BPC: How were you introduced to modeling?

Sonny: I was introduced to modeling by the company's President James "Butter" Williams. I've been modeling for a year now. I got on with BPC. They showed me the ropes and I'm having fun.

BPC: Anyone who has been to a BPC event knows that women's eyes light up whenever they see you in Fashion Shows and promotional events. How does that make you feel?

Sonny: [Laugh] I really appreciate the love but that's not what I'm about. I'm not the type that thrives on attention. I'm more the laid back type, although it does feel good to be liked [big grin].

BPC: To you, what is the most important thing in life?

Sonny: My family [softly spoken]. I recently lost my best friend who happened to be my father. My friends and family both are dear to me. I have a younger brother and sister who look up to me.
I want to be a positive influence in their life.

BPC: What are your goals in life?

Sonny: [Deep breath] I constantly think about my future. I've set goals to be a successful businessman. I'm very interested in the stock market and managing my money. I guess my ultimate goal is to be successful and happy. Right now I'm in school studying computer graphics and illustration.

BPC: You are adored by many women. Do you ever have any problems getting a date?

Sonny: Well [places his hand on his chin] I really don't know. Sometimes I feel women are intimidated by me. Sometimes I think I do have a hard time. I've been told I was too nice [you know the saying nice guys finish last] I want a woman to understand me more and give me a chance to really know them.

BPC: Do you ever see yourself settling down and getting married one day?

Sonny: [Hmmm] that's a hard question [pause]. Well yeah, only if I meet the right women. I want someone who is as goal-oriented as well as I am and someone who most importantly has something upstairs other than a pretty face.

BPC: What are your favorite foods?

Sonny: [Laugh] Uuuuhhh mmmmm well pizza I guess. I'm part owner of a pizza place called Sunz Pizza of Atlanta. I also love pasta. I guess you can say I love Italian.

BPC: Have you ever prepared dinner for a lady?

Sonny: Yeah, I made lasagna from scratch. I learned how to cook from my Grandmother. In our family, cooking skills are passed down from generation to generation.

BPC: Some say you look Spanish, African American and Brazilian what is your nationality?

Sonny: [Smile] I'm African American and Native American. I belong to tribes Magui and Cherokee and I have a little Irish in me.

BPC: What type of music do you listen to?

Sonny: Man, I love underground Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz and Classical Music. I love just about every form of music but Hip-Hop is my first love. I'm really feeling underground groups like M.O.P [Loud Records recording artists].

BPC: Any last words for our BPC visitors?

Sonny: [Short pause] I think we (people) need to lift up each other and stop being so materialistic and selfish because we all at some point in life will need a helping hand. I would like to say [to the fans] thank you for all the support. With out you, there would be no Sonny.

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