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For all you poets out there. Here is a forum for you to display your work. Email your poetry and picture to be displayed on BPC's site. All you have to do is fill out the form HERE and send us your info.
Featured Poem:

To Feel You

To feel your soft hands against my skin
To feel the joy in your eyes
To feel  the life in your soul
To feel the chills down my spine when you say
You love me
To feel the warmth of your breath along my ear... you whisper sweet nothings
To feel your hurts
To feel your anger
To feel your sorrows
To feel your concerns
To feel your views
To feel your love unconditionally

To feel you

All these things describe what I feel and feelings treasured about you.  To feel you and everything about you creates new parts of me and makes me proud to have the opportunity to feel you.

Shanta Hayes
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