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Time's Turn

Jamie -
A masseuse and dear friend of Melissa, he works in her spa and his biggest fantasy is to have a three some with Melissa and Veronica

Melissa's long time boyfriend, unemployed, part time junior college student

Veronica -
A pregnant, college-level English Professor

Melissa -
Veronica's sister, owns a large upscale beauty spa

Veronica's soon to be ex-husband, owns a car dealership

James -
Veronica's self-centered, trifling baby's daddy, an aspiring actor; sells auto insurance to pay bills

Rick calls Veronica to meet him at the dealership for lunch. When she gets there, Rick introduces her to James, who was just hired to be the dealership's in house insurance representative. They instantly attract and exchange smiles. She could not take her eyes off of him and he could not take his eyes off of her breasts. She says goodbye as Rick grabs her hand so they could leave. As she walks out of the door she asks Rick several questions about his new hire. During lunch Veronica could not take mind off of that fine man she just met. She asked herself why is she thinking of
this man who she only shared two words with, while her wealthy and attractive husband of six years who purely loved her was sitting in front of her. Veronica finally pushed James out of her mind when Rick asked her was she finally ready to start their family. She looked at her husband as if he lost his mind. "I guess I am ready", she responded in an uncertain voice. "Tell me honestly because I have been ready to father your children since I first laid eyes on you serving drinks at Hooters", Rick
responded. Veronica gave her husband a pissed off look as she hated it when he bought up her past. As Rick noticed her look, he quickly said, "That was to mean I love you for you". She let out a smile and said let's do it as she rubbed his leg under the table.

At that same time, Melissa was finishing up her noon appointment. "I wonder what my sister is doing", she quietly said. "Probably getting her freak on with one of those young college guys", shouted Jamie coming out of the back room. "You wish", Melissa said playfully. "You know I do, I really do," responded Jamie. "So when are you going to get rid of that tired ass wanna be educated brother of yours? " "Jamie, don't play like that, I love that man, but stuff he does need to get it together". "I'm going to call my sister and see what's up. Damn, I got her voicemail, call me girl".

"Honey, we need a bigger car", said Veronica as she was trying to climb over the seat. "Making love in the car is not the same as it used to be". Rick looked at Veronica happily and said, "let's have a party tomorrow night". "Honey we have not entertained in years". "That is what makes it fun, we can invite everyone". "Ok starting calling".

(At the party the next evening)
Veronica took her place behind the bar as Rick greeted the guests at the front door. Veronica began pouring and passing out drinks taking a couple sips of her own drink at the same time. Then as she looked up at the door her heart stopped beating as she saw James walk in the door. He was so fine in a gray form fitting designer shirt with dark slacks. He looked like one of the calendar models. His perfect bronze skin tone, beautiful white teeth, and muscular body drove her in a fit of ecstasy. At that moment she knew she had to have him. James looked over at Veronica and smiled. He slowly
walked over to the bar as if he wanted her to see him from head to toe. "May I have a cup of Moet please", he said with a sexy smile. "Sure", she said wishing she could simply pull him over the bar without anyone noticing. "Thanks, save me a dance later". "Ok" she replied. "Girl, who is that fine specimen"? Melissa said nearly breaking her neck to look. "His name is James he works with Rick". "Can you hook me up"? Melissa said in a sneaky way. "Girl, please. What about your man? You are not exactly single." "Must we always hate on a sister trying to get hers?" "Whatever, I'll see what I can do".

"James can I speak you for a moment", Veronica said nervously. "Sure" grabbing his drink from the table, James opened the door leading to the outside deck. "What's up?" "This may sound immature but someone I know is interested in you". "Really?!" He said surprised. "Yes, this should not be a surprise you a handsome guy," she said staring right into his eyes. James grabbed Veronica and kissed her, she was so shocked but was too wrapped into his kiss she did not fight back. She dropped to her knees as he began to undress her. And there on the dark back deck they made intense love as a curtained glass wall separated them from the party and her husband.

Tune in later to see what will unfold next.

By: Shanta' Hayes

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